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B.A.P are going on three more concerts here in the states. They have Dallas, Chicago and L.A and I am begging you all who will be going to those concerts to PLEASE have some respect for B.A.P. Once they land at the airport and leave for the hotel, don’t follow them and stalk them. That’s just so fucking rude and disrespectful to their privacy. This goes for after the concert as well. LEAVE THEM ALONE. Don’t get on taxis or on your car and follow them to where ever they’re going. You all criticize KFans for being rude and not giving B.A.P privacy but most of the American fans are just the same. I heard what happened in NYC and how a lot of fans followed B.A.P to a restaurant and just basically stalked them like sasaengs do in Korea. They came here, excited and happy to perform and experience new things but most of these fans are ruining it for them. What do you think they must think of fans after the NYC incident? So PLEASEleave them alone after the concert. Go to the concert, enjoy it and sing your heart out along with them but also be respectful to them on stage and to fellow fans and when the concert is over, go home. Don’t stalk them or follow them. They’re exhausted and the last thing they need is to worry about their privacy and if they’re safe. Please spread the word to other fans when you get to the concert and let them know about what happened in NYC so they’ll be more considerate. Not only this but if you’re in a concert where there’s a pit also be respectful to fellow fans and don’t push and shove. If you see someone is hurt, help them. Many fans in NYC had to be hospitalized. Concerts are supposed to be fun not traumatizing. Keep this in mind, please. Thank you.

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#i wish i could see them Are you not going to the concert in Paris anymore ? ; n ; -HS anon
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im sorry i forgot this omg ;;

No I’m not going ;A; time goes by and I just keep thinking that in a few days they’ll be in my country for the first time ever, seeing french stuff and discovering things idk and maybe they’ll talk in french a little and I’m just here tearing cause i WONT BE THERE OTL too expensive at the end :(

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jaejaepapi : ” Can you even blush? you’re so dark?” I know the problem sorry they say shit like this.

Yeah.. sometimes I really feel like we’re are a mystery for them.

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"do you get black when you tan ?"

……………… really ??

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